Welcome to Choir Parent/Guardian/Student Meeting - Mandatory

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Eldorado Choir Parent/Guardian Meeting, please join us on Tuesday night. This meeting is required for parents/guardians and students in the choir program.

Welcome to Choir Parent/Guardian/Student Meeting - Mandatory

Choir Welcome Meeting for all Choir students and parents/guardians - Mandatory
WhenTue Aug 22, 2017 7pm – 8:30pm Mountain Time
WherePAC (map)
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Haygood Event

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Hello Choir Families,

I hope the kids had a great first week back at school. Just a few announcements for the upcoming week. 

Parent/Guardian Meeting:
August 22nd @ 7pm in the PAC
Required for students and parents/guardians
We will be review the program, handbook, and budget. We will also be collecting the class lab fee outlined below, as well as the fee for Hummingbird Camp for Show Choir Students. That fee is $70.00 per show choir student. Hummingbird is September 8-10th. This is a great team building retreat for all show choir students. We will accept cash/money order or checks only. 

 * Robed Choir (Concert & Treble) - $40.00
      * Robed Choir (Mixed) - $10.00
      * Show Choir Only (Gold Rush) - $ 10.00
      * Robed Choir & Show Choir (Student in both types of choir) - $50.00
       (Cash or check made out to Eldorado High School)

  * Hummingbird - $70.00 Show Choir Only
     (Cash or Check made out to Eldorado Choir Boosters)

Haygood Event: 
August 25th and 26th (more details will be sent home with students)
Meet @ EHS parking lot at 5:15pm Friday night, carpool to NHCC: 6-8 pm practice
Saturday, students must coordinate their own ride to the NHCC arrive by 6:45 am sharp! 
Performance @ 8:00 am
Students must wear a solid colored shirt, black bottoms and tennis shoes

After school Practice starts on September 5th Tuesdays from 2:45 to 5:00

Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle Sponshorship are due tomorrow. Please place paperwork, artwork, and payment in the lockbox in the choir room.

Welcome Back to School!!

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Good Afternoon Choir Families,

It is so good to be back in the swing of things. We are so very excited for this year in is shaping up to be an amazing year thus far!! Mrs. Rossignol has some incredible plans for your kids, hopefully they are as excited as we are! Just a quick update with some important information you will need for the month of August.

Zero Hour - Starts first day of school. Class starts at 6:25 am in the choir room. Students must arrive on time and be prepared for class. 

Parent Guardian Choir Meeting 
**Required for all students and one or both parents/guardians** - August 22nd @ 7 pm in the PAC. We will be covering the program details, handbook, class paperwork and required fees for participation in the Eldorado Choir. Paperwork is attached to this email, please print, fill out and bring to the meeting. We will have copies available as well the night of the meeting. This includes all choirs, Show Choir, Concert, Treble and Mixed. Mark your calendars and plan on joining us. We will be collecting choir class lab fees (outlined below). Cash or check only - checks made out to Eldorado High School with students name in the memo section. This fee is paid to Eldorado High school not the Boosters!

      * Robed Choir (Concert & Treble) - $40.00
      * Robed Choir (Mixed) - $10.00
      * Show Choir Only (Gold Rush) - $ 10.00
      * Robed Choir & Show Choir (Student in both types of choir) - $50.00

Haygood Event - NHCC (National Hispanic Cultural Center) - August 25 & 26th
This is an amazing event/opportunity for Eldorado Choir. The show choir will have the opportunity to perform with a soloist from Legends Concert Theater from Branson MO. More details will be given at the parent/guardian meeting! 

We encourage you to read the class syllabus your student will be receiving for more information on the 2017-18 Choir Program.  

Please check our website regularly for updates and important information. This tool is a wealth of knowledge for all things choir related. You can also view the Choir calendar on the website  for important dates and events.   Visit

As always, if you have any questions please email me and I will do my best to answer or direct you to the appropriate person. Have a great rest of your week and we look forward to seeing all the kids on Monday!

Thank you,

Christi Bachmann
President, Eldorado Choir Boosters

Check out our website for the latest information: 


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Dear choir family,
Auditions for freshman and students hoping to move up are going to be held on 
Monday, August 7th: 1-4 
Tuesday, August 8th: 1-4
Auditions will last no longer than 10 minutes (I am a talker, though, so no promises!)

Please email me back with a time that works for you. I will then create a document and send it out to all attending.

 This is for incoming freshman and anyone who did not already audition in May.

Thank you! Can't wait to hear you sing,
Mrs. Rossignol

Choral opportunity that pays!

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Dear choir family,
I am in a community choir called Quintessence that does a fabulous festival every summer. Matt Greer, the director, has asked me if any of my new students would be willing and able to come sing and get a scholarship for singing! How cool is that? The only thing better than singing is getting paid to sing! 

I have attached the link and matt's email if you have any questions. 

Hope your summer is fantastic! So looking forward to this year. 

- Julia 

**Choir Update/Fees - Fundraising**

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Good Morning Choir Families,

Julia and I have had a preliminary conversation regarding the upcoming choir year. I am very excited to see what the program will accomplish this year. I am very confident that it will be an AMAZING year!! 

I have some preliminary numbers regarding choir fees for the upcoming year that I wanted to share with you, so that you can plan accordingly! REMEMBER that we have fundraising with Isotopes going on right now, and will have LOTS of opportunities throughout the year to raise the funds needed to apply towards the required choir fees! 

The budget has not been finalized, but we are in the beginning stages of crunching numbers. So please remember that they are not final numbers and we will have the final budget for all parents at the annual Parent/Guardian meeting in August.

We will be taking a trip again this year, Julia has a great idea planned for the choir. We also have some other great opportunities planned for the kids. There will be multiple team building activities that will encourage bonding time among the choir kids. This was a common theme that the choir kids voiced to Julia that they did not have enough of last choir year. Honestly, I can not express how excited I am for the upcoming year!! 

Those parents who had children in the Choir program last year remember that the trip to New York City alone was $1500.00. The fees combined were over $2000.00 per student. This year we are cutting costs to ease the financial responsibility on parents! If you have more than one student in the program this is great news for your wallet!! The total fees we are estimating for the 2017/18 choir year are $1600.00, this includes the trip. GREAT NEWS...right?! 

NOW is the time to start fundraising!!! Isotopes games are in full swing, and we have the Business Advertisements as well that parents/guardians and students can participate in. Get your kids involved in raising funds for their own account! The forms for the Business Ads are posted on the Eldorado Choir website under the following tab:

Isotopes sign up is at the following link: 

As I mentioned in a previous email, we are in need of more volunteers for Isotopes. The more people that work the bigger the stand we get the more money we can potentially make. The Boosters want to make this fundraising opportunity the BEST it can be for families. SIGN UP TODAY!! It is a fun way to get to know other families in the program as well as earn money towards your child's choir account. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! 

Please reach out to our amazing VP of Fundraising with any questions you have regarding the fundraising opportunities! Yolanda's email is

Thank you and have a great Wednesday!!

Christi Bachmann
President, Eldorado Choir Boosters

**Fundraising Participation**Hurry and Sign Up, Join the FUN!!!!

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Good Morning!!

I am sure everyone is having a great summer. Hopefully you are getting in some relaxation time. Hopefully you are staying cool with this crazy high temperatures!  

I wanted to reach out to the choir families and encourage you to sign up and participate in the current fundraising opportunities. Yolanda, our hard working VP of Fundraising Booster is providing some opportunities to raise money for the choir as well as the individual students that have signed up for show choir for the 2017/18 school year.

 If you are a returning choir family, you know that participation fees can add up quickly. The Boosters try to afford many opportunities to raise funds to ease the financial responsibilities for families. Currently we have the Isotopes fundraiser going on. So far this year we have not had the level of participation that we have had in previous years. In fact we have had to take our name off the roster for the games due to too few people signed up. 
Just a little background to how the Isotopes credits work... we get a portion of the sales from the concessions. The more people that sign up the more money we can make because we will get placed in a larger stand. Ovations has to "staff" the stands accordingly. If we have a high participation, the per game credit tends to be higher. Last year the credit per game was an average of $28.00. You can potentially earn a significant amount of money towards your choir fees. The more people you have working for a student, the more credits you earn!! AND students that are 16 years old can work the games to earn money towards their own fees. This is a great opportunity to team build among the choir families as well as learn some great skills....and as a BONUS earn money towards your choir fees. I was very excited last year as our family personally earned over $900.00 just from Isotopes alone. This was a huge opportunity to ease the financial portion of the choir experience for my child. SO don't delay....get online and sign up through the Sign Up Genius link and add your name! We are very excited to see more families participate. I have included the link for the Isotopes sign up below:

ALSO, this Sunday at Eldorado High School in the North parking lot we will be holding a Goodwill Good Deeds fundraiser for the general choir fund. This fundraiser goes to help offset the general expenses we incur throughout the school year. This includes beefing up the Scholarship fund. For every bin we fill the choir receives $ 50.00. That adds up very quickly!! So go through your closets, cupboards, garages and kids rooms. If your kids are like mine, there is a ton of stuff in their rooms! Bring it by the school Sunday June 25th from 10am to 2pm 
We also need people to help load the drop off items into the bins, volunteer time slots are only 2.5 hours. This is an easy opportunity to help the choir as well as get to know other choir families. I have provided the link below for sign up. Please join us Sunday to make this fundraiser a successful one! It takes a great group of volunteers working together as a team to make all of our functions a success, and we welcome you all to join in! 

If you have any questions regarding fundraising, please reach out to Yolanda Fabian at

As always we enjoy seeing all of the choir families at any event we put together. Please go today and sign up for either OR both opportunities detailed above. Have a fantastic Wednesday, the week is half over :) 

Christi Bachmann
President, Eldorado Choir Boosters

**Come Meet our New Choir Director**

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Good Morning All,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! 

Please join us Thursday June 1, 2017 at 6:30 in the Eldorado Choir Room for a Meet and Greet with our new choir director Julia Rossignol. We are very excited to have Julia join Eldorado. The kids got a chance to meet her before school ended and they all seem very excited. We hope that you can save some time on Thursday evening to join us!! 

This is a great opportunity to meet fellow parents in the program as well as the Booster Board. We would love to see more parents involved in the meetings. We would like to also take time to recognize our incoming freshmen students and families!

There are some great opportunities coming up this summer to fundraise for the choir fees. We will have the information available for you to pick up Thursday.

We still have some Board positions available to fill, we would love to have people in place before the new school year. We had a great team this year, and would love to see that dynamic continue. If you are interested in serving please come see me after the meeting Thursday for more details. 

We are excited to see you all next week! Have a great weekend and enjoy your Memorial Holiday. 

Christi Bachmann
President, Eldorado Choir Boosters

Delilah Haley Farewell

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Hello Choir families,

Another year has come and gone so quickly, and although this year has brought many challenges our way, all things considered, we have had a successful year filled with beautiful music! I am excited to see what great things are in store for the program next year.

It has been a privilege and such a joy to get to know your children while serving on the board.  Thank you for your constant support of the Eldorado High School Choir program.  

Christi Bachmann is your newly elected Choir Booster President for the 2017/2018 school year. Please reach out to Christi with any future questions or concerns you may have concerning the choir program.

Thank you and have a great summer!

Voice of the Eagles Weekly Announcement

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Dear EHS Choir Community,

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of my departure from Eldorado High School. At the conclusion of this school year, I plan to pursue a position that better fits the ever changing needs of my family. 

As I reflect on what will be 10 years in the classroom this May, I am astounded at the sheer number of students and parents with whom I've had the pleasure of working. Teaching young people to make great music was always my singular goal when starting my teaching career. I am proud to say that, together, we have accomplished that goal tenfold. I sincerely thank you for an incredible journey these last 6 years. I have learned many important lessons, grown both professionally and personally, and have been lucky enough to create amazing music with amazing young people. 

Should you have any questions regarding the future of the EHS Choir program or the upcoming transition, please contact the Eldorado Administration. 


Megan C. Rader
Director of Choirs
Eldorado High School
11300 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast
Albuquerque, NM 87111-2699
P: (505) 296-4871 ext. 35067

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