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Dear Eldorado Choir Family,

Words cannot describe how thrilled I was at what our students presented last night. Thank you for being a fantastic audience and helping our after school rehearsal run smoothly. If any of you took videos, I would love to make an end of the year slide show so please send them my way. 

I will be starting this holiday season feeling incredibly grateful and blessed to be here. 

Thank you all again. Happiest holidays to you and yours.

-Mrs. Rossignol 

** No Zero hour Announcement**

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Good Morning Choir Families,

There will not be zero hour Tuesday December 5th or Wednesday December 6th! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Have a great Monday!

Christi Bachmann
President, Eldorado Choir Boosters

Old Town Stroll thank you

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Dear all,

Thank you to those parents and students who braved the cold and traffic to make it to old town tonight.

Our songs filled the streets and I received tons of compliments about our amazing singers! 

Lots to think about and revisit if we decide to do it next year. 

Looking forward to seeing you all Tuesday evening! 

Musically yours, 
Mrs. Rossignol 


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Good morning Choir Families!!

Thank goodness it is Friday! December is upon us, YIKES...when did the happen?

A few Reminders for the choir:

Tonight (December 1st) - Old Town Holiday Stroll
Students will arrive at 5:30. We will meet at the Gazebo , do a count, and move to our first spot
We will sing from 6 - 6:45
We will have a break to go get warm and then sing again from 8 - 9 in front of the tree

EHS Winter Concert (December 5th
Concert starts at 6pm
$5 admission at the door
Students will stay at school and the Boosters will be providing dinner for the students prior to the concert. 
Silent Auction during the concert! Items can be bid on before and after the concert. Students get 90% of the final sale price. Please see Yolanda's email from November 29th for instructions.


Lovelace Tree Lighting (December 7th)
We will arrive at 5 pm and sing until 6pm . There will be heaters outside, but please dress warmly. Christmas sweaters, santa hats, deer antlers, christmas lights, etc. All students are required to attend.  

Basketball Sign Ups and Concessions:
Thank you to all those who signed up to work the concessions, we GREATLY appreciate your help!! We are also in need of more donations. Please consider donating concession supplies. Please visit the link below and sign up! You will receive credit for donations. So this is a great way to participate if you can not work it. Thank you all for your generosity! 

Thank you, have a great weekend!!

Christi Bachmann
President, Eldorado Choir Boosters

Thank you!

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A huge thank you to all who came to sing tonight at Flying Star. The manager just told me this was one of the busiest wednesdays they have ever had! 

Next time we will bring a PA for the solos. Thank you all again! 

- Mrs Rossignol 

Anyone interested in a backstage pass for Tuesday's concert?

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Hello all,

Is anyone interested in helping with backstage traffic and places for our concert next Tuesday? There will be many moving parts and I would very much appreciate any parent/guardian with some experience at these events.

Thank you and see you tonight at Flying star! Solos and carols start at 5!

Musically yours,
Mrs. Rossignol 

Old Town Holiday Stroll

posted Dec 1, 2017, 9:38 AM by Eldorado Choirs

Dear all,

Thank you for being willing to brave the cold and traffic to sing for the fine people of ABQ this friday

Here is the order of events. 

Arrive at 5:30 and meet at the Gazebo to get everyone situated. 

Our first spot will be Area 7, Middle San Felipe Street from 6 - 6:45 (in front of Candy Lady)

Break from 7 - 8

Our second spot will be Area 3,  Plaza Don Luis (the tree) from 8 - 9 

For rides,

I have most student's driving information from All State but not all. If you are going to be taking a student that is not your own child, please let me know. Also parents, there a shuttle on 18th and Bellemah if you want to drop off your singer and go park and ride. 

I have attached in the information packet with a map and all of the details so there is no confusion the night of! Just singing and fun. 

To wear,

I would like us to dress festive yet representing Eldorado. If students have letterman jackets they should wear those. Also, I approve of Santa hats, reindeer ears, hanging ornaments from your beard, whatever! 

If you have any questions,

Please e-mail me back. On the night of, my number is 575-361-6674 if anyone gets lost, has an emergency, etc. 

Looking forward to making wonderful music this holiday season with all of you!
-Mrs. Ros


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Good Morning Choir Families,

I hope you have all had a restful Thanksgiving break! 

The choir program is always busy, and as a board we are working very hard to make sure you have plenty of opportunities to both fund raise and to participate in a great program!! We both welcome and need you all to get involved more! 

This year has been a challenge to increase our parent volunteer numbers for both fundraising and the Booster Board. We have several volunteer moms doing more than one position on the Board on top of working full time. The positions on the Board do not require a lot of time commitment out of your schedule, but when a few are doing the work of many, it becomes a lot to take on. The Boosters in years past has consisted of at least 10 people, sometimes more...this year we have 6 volunteers between the Board and Committee Chairs. As you can imagine that is a lot of work to make up. We all have families and jobs that demand our time, but the more people we have on the team, the better we can be!

In addition our volunteers for fundraising activities are not where we need them to be for the fundraisers to be successful. The success is not only in funds raised but in fulfilling the commitment the choir has made to the vendors/groups. Eldorado Choir has proven themselves over the years to be a reliable hard working group. That is what has allowed us to offer SO many opportunities. The groups usually give Eldorado first sign up opportunities due to our reputation and volunteer numbers. However because our numbers are the lowest I have ever seen, all the responsibility is falling on the same few parents that are already stretched thin. Eventuality as you all know, this will cause burn out of the volunteers that are picking up the slack. It takes more than a few of the same parents to make this all work. The old saying of it 'takes a village' comes to mind. We need more parents to step up to help!! 

So I am putting out an URGENT CALL to all the parents to volunteer your time!! Unfortunately the responsibility can not continue to fall on the same few volunteers! Just think how successful we could be if everyone committed to add 5 - 10 hours of your time to the choir program? This is an achievable goal, but we need your help to make it all work! 

With all that said... This Tuesday November 28th is the first Basketball game. The choir works concessions during the games. If we do not have volunteers or food donations, we can not fulfill our commitment to the Basketball program. We understand that the choir students have after school rehearsals on this day, so we are requesting parents sign up. There are three different slots available. We need 6 parents, to sign up. The time slots are 1. 3:30 - 5:00, 2. 5:00 - 6:30 and 3. 6:30 - 8:00As of today we do not have anyone signed up for this game. Please click on the link below to sign up!!

All those who have signed up to donate food, PLEASE drop off your donations tomorrow to Mrs. Rossignol's office. We need more food to be donated as well. Please click on the link below to see what else is needed! 

Your help is very important!! 

** Reminder about Silent Auction**
The annual silent auction will take place in early December, this is right around the corner. Please email Yolanda Fabian regarding questions about the Silent Auction. Students earn 90% of the sale price from this fundraiser. 

Thank you for your time,

Christi Bachmann
President, Eldorado Choir Boosters

Caroling gigs December clarifications

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Hello all! 

We are gearing up for our annual carol gigs. This year, since the men in Gold Rush are small, I would like to open the gigs up to Concert Choir as well.

Friday Dec. 1st - Old Town Holiday Stroll
Students will arrive at 5:30. We will meet at the Gazebo, do a count, and move to our first spot. 
We will sing from 6 - 6:45
We will have a break to go get warm and then sing again from 8 - 9 in front of the tree. 

Tues. December 5th - EHS Choirs Winter Concert
Most Gold Rush members will already be here because they are in Concert Choir, but I would like for a group to sing carols as people enter the building. 

Thurs. December 7th - Lovelace Tree Lighting 
We will arrive at 5 pm and sing until 6 pm. There will be heaters outside, but still please dress warmly. Christmas sweaters, santa hats, dear antlers, christmas lights, etc. This is a PAID GIG and all students are required to attend. 

Those gigs should be enough to last us. Those who want to carol on December 11th in the NE Heights neighborhoods, please email me back and let me know.

Thank you!
-Mrs. Rossignol 

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