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** A Message from Mrs. Rossignol regarding ALL State**

posted Sep 24, 2017, 3:49 PM by Eldorado Choirs
Dear Eldorado family, 

I am so happy about the progress being made for robed choirs auditioning for All-State. I have heard most students individually at this point, and I am extremely impressed at the work they have done. That being said, I have received more than one inquiry on my decision and I would like to give you some insight as to why I have made this a requirement. 

I saw Eldorado choirs shine last year as the Honor Choir at the NMMEA All State Festival. The audition process might be scary for some, but for students at this caliber, it is 100% doable. Not just doable, it is something where they can thrive and grow. 

I see choir as a sport. The better we are as solo singers and vocal athletes, the better the team is as a whole. Auditioning is something students will have to do their entire life. Whether it be a job interview, speech or group presentation in class, this task has value and merit. Stage fright is real, and I had it for many years. It kept me from going for many roles and opportunities that could have furthered my solo career. I want to instill in your child that being afraid is okay - we have to do the thing in spite of our fears. It is the only way we grow. Not only do we grow, but we have a greater chance of succeeding. All State is not a competition, the only person your child is competing with is themselves.

I hope you see that this is something to help us grow. It is an opportunity for students to see that they have the ability to do well and succeed. After having taught at high schools across the state, I can tell you that the talent and dedication at Eldorado is at the top. This tiny push to do All State will further us in our position as a school that is here to stay in the choral world. 

In closing, thank you for encouraging your child to practice their songs at home. Thank you for being a wonderful support to myself and my family. I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of this program. It takes a village, and I have inherited the best village. 

Musically yours,
-Julia Rossignol