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Attention Gold Rush Families

posted Dec 1, 2017, 9:33 AM by Eldorado Choirs
Dear families of Gold Rush,

I want to address the high volume of incidents that have happened this week involving members of the group and what I will and will not accept moving forward. 

This week, I have had numerous phone calls, emails, and messages regarding "drama" that some students are experiencing as a result of being in Gold Rush. I have talked to the students multiple times about this group being their family, about accepting one another even when we don't always like each other, and putting the music/our show first. 
In my classroom, I can say with the utmost certainty that we are learning music from bell to bell. I have not seen or experienced any sort of bullying, name calling, etc. in front of me in my classroom. If I do, I shut it down immediately. It is a learning process on how to treat one another and navigate 45 different and unique personalities. That being said, this is not the first, nor the second, not even the third time something has happened within the group that has completely derailed my rehearsal. After meeting with Principal Sandoval, I see now that I have put some systems in place that allow this sort of thing to fester. I will not being allowing those systems to be in place any longer. 

After the first incident, I addressed students and stated that I would not put up with this level of disrespect toward one another in my group. As you all know if you are a parent, consequences are the only thing that changes behavior. 

Gold Rush is in high demand these coming months. It is a privilege to be able to sing and perform at these events. I am putting us on hiatus from extra curricular performances until I feel that we can be a civil, functioning group. So there is no confusion, I will outline what I expect moving forward. 

1. All instances of bullying (cyber, physical or verbal) will be brought to the attention of administration so a proper investigation can take place. 
2. All students will review and sign a new social media policy. 
3. Students will not be allowed to take role or question why someone is absent. 
4. Parents who have concerns may e-mail me and/or set up an office time to meet. However, I expect us to be leaders in building the program. 
5. All decisions I make moving forward are for the betterment of the program so we operate smoothly. I hope for your full support. 

I am considering eliminating all extra curricular activities until further notice. This includes the caroling gigs, and the La Caud Pageant. I hope to see a huge turn around and students ready to work. I want you to know that I am committed to your child's safety in my classroom. Events that occur outside of my classroom that do not directly involve me should be handled by admin or counselors. I will send my final decision tomorrow afternoon. 

Please know that I want the best for us. I want your students to be proud to be in the best show choir in New Mexico. However, this level of negativity will not stand. I will do my part and change systems that are in place that encourage this. But, I will not take full responsibility for the level of instances that have occurred. If it does not change, there will be consequences. 

Again, please look for my final decision tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you for understanding and I am anxious to move forward with one goal in mind - putting on a fantastic show.

Musically yours,
-Julia Rossignol