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**Choir Update/Fees - Fundraising**

posted Jun 28, 2017, 9:50 AM by Eldorado Choirs
Good Morning Choir Families,

Julia and I have had a preliminary conversation regarding the upcoming choir year. I am very excited to see what the program will accomplish this year. I am very confident that it will be an AMAZING year!! 

I have some preliminary numbers regarding choir fees for the upcoming year that I wanted to share with you, so that you can plan accordingly! REMEMBER that we have fundraising with Isotopes going on right now, and will have LOTS of opportunities throughout the year to raise the funds needed to apply towards the required choir fees! 

The budget has not been finalized, but we are in the beginning stages of crunching numbers. So please remember that they are not final numbers and we will have the final budget for all parents at the annual Parent/Guardian meeting in August.

We will be taking a trip again this year, Julia has a great idea planned for the choir. We also have some other great opportunities planned for the kids. There will be multiple team building activities that will encourage bonding time among the choir kids. This was a common theme that the choir kids voiced to Julia that they did not have enough of last choir year. Honestly, I can not express how excited I am for the upcoming year!! 

Those parents who had children in the Choir program last year remember that the trip to New York City alone was $1500.00. The fees combined were over $2000.00 per student. This year we are cutting costs to ease the financial responsibility on parents! If you have more than one student in the program this is great news for your wallet!! The total fees we are estimating for the 2017/18 choir year are $1600.00, this includes the trip. GREAT NEWS...right?! 

NOW is the time to start fundraising!!! Isotopes games are in full swing, and we have the Business Advertisements as well that parents/guardians and students can participate in. Get your kids involved in raising funds for their own account! The forms for the Business Ads are posted on the Eldorado Choir website under the following tab:

Isotopes sign up is at the following link: 

As I mentioned in a previous email, we are in need of more volunteers for Isotopes. The more people that work the bigger the stand we get the more money we can potentially make. The Boosters want to make this fundraising opportunity the BEST it can be for families. SIGN UP TODAY!! It is a fun way to get to know other families in the program as well as earn money towards your child's choir account. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! 

Please reach out to our amazing VP of Fundraising with any questions you have regarding the fundraising opportunities! Yolanda's email is

Thank you and have a great Wednesday!!

Christi Bachmann
President, Eldorado Choir Boosters