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** No Zero Hour/ Miscellaneous Reminders**

posted Aug 28, 2017, 8:43 AM by Eldorado Choirs
Good Evening,

I hope you all had a great weekend! Just a few announcements I needed to communicate with you all!

    * No Zero Hour the week of August 28th through September 1st. We usually take        the first week of school off from zero hour, but due to the Haygood Event it was        imperative the kids utilize zero hour to learn the songs and choreography. 

On a side note, Gold Rush was amazing on stage this weekend. What an amazing opportunity we were offered. The Haygood's said more than once how impressed they were with our choir. They were professional and didn't bat an eye at being on stage. Props to Gold Rush for being so amazing Friday and Saturday. Thank you all for your flexibility as we had venue confusion. I appreciate all your understanding and patience.

      * After school Rehersals start Tuesday September 5th, and will follow every                Tuesday after that.  Rehersal is from 2:45 - 5:00

      Hummingbird payments are due by September 1st, no later, for show choir                students. Please submit payments this week to the lock box in the choir room.          Make sure the students name is in the memo section of the check and on the            envelope. There is now a drop down on the paypal for the Hummingbird fee.              You are welcome to use this pay option as well. 

     * There are many students that have not turned in their choir forms and the                  signature page of the handbook. Please make sure you complete and return              all forms to the choir room. Both are avaialbe on the website for download as            well as included on this email.

     * If you are interested in chaperoning or volunteering in any way, we encourage         you to submit to APS for your background check now. The process takes about         2 weeks. The cost is minimal and your background check is good for 2 years. 

We utilize emails and the website to communicate with all the choir families on all things choir related. There is always good helpful information contained in the emails, we want you to be as informed as possible. Please take full advantage of the emails and all the information contained in it. Emails that are sent out are also posted on the "Announcement" tab on the choir website. You can talk to your kids about choir announcements, if they do not know, any one of the Boosters will be happy to help you with any information you need. 

As always I will be happy to assit in any way I can! Have a great evening!!

Thank you,

Christi Bachmann
President, Eldorado Choir Boosters