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Weekly Announcements/Reminders

posted Sep 24, 2017, 3:52 PM by Eldorado Choirs
Good Afternoon Choir Families,

I hope your weekend was relaxing! I am definitely enjoying the cooler weather! 

For the upcoming week:

Choir Forms: 
We are a little over a month into school and we still have not received the completed choir forms for all students in show choir, and all robed choirs. These forms are needed for all participation in activities we coordinate for the choir program. It also allows us to effectively communicate with you regarding the statement for your child's account. If you can please help us by completing the forms and turning them into the choir basket in the choir room, we would greatly appreciate it. The choir forms and handbook with the the last page being the signature page are attached to this email. 

There is always something going on in choir. We use email as our main source of communication. The students are given information during class and then followed up via email to the parents and guardians. Please take the time to read the email completely. All the information you will need is contained in the email. All emails sent out are also posted on the choir website under the "announcement" tab.

Fundraisers and Deadlines: 
Our VP of Fundraising is constantly working to provide multiple opportunities for you and your child to participate in fundraisers that allow you to offset the financial commitment for the choir program. There are many aspects that go into organizing each event. Please help us by adhering to the deadlines that are given for each fundraiser. If deadlines are not met, it delays credits in being applied to accounts of those who participated, as well as delays the Boosters in complying with the vendor deadlines. It is very important that the fundraiser deadlines be met by all. Your help and cooperation will help us to provide high quality profitable fundraising opportunities for all choir students. Fundraisers that are not turned in by the deadline will no longer be accepted. I appreciate your understanding in regards to this request.

Class Fees:
All class fees need to be paid to Eldorado High School NOT the Boosters. This fee is a lab/class fee from Mrs Rossgnol and is separate from the additional fees associated with participation in the choir program. All fees are outlined in the Choir Handbook. If you have not submitted this fee, please submit promptly. This class fee can still be dropped in the choir lock box and will be turned into Admin on your behalf by the treasurer. If you are not sure if you have submitted this fee, please let me know! Please do not pay this fee to the Choir Boosters. Administration will not accept a check from the boosters to pay for class fees.

Balloon Fiesta Required Meeting:
This Tuesday night is the required meeting for all those who are participating in this fundraiser. The meeting will be held in the choir room M3 at 5:00 pm. Directly following the Balloon Fiesta will be our first monthly Parent Guardian Meeting. Please join us!

Thank you and have a great week!

Christi Bachmann
President, Eldorado Choir Boosters

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