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Fundraising Update

posted Sep 10, 2008, 1:04 PM by Roger Campbell

Balloon Fiesta sign ups are here.  Please make sure you mark your calendars with the dates when you signed up to work. I will be attending a planning meeting this evening and will be giving this sign-up sheet to the organizers.  

I did notice that a number of students signed up but did not include shifts they were available to work. If this was an oversight – or you change your mind, I feel sure that if we would like to add additional workers or change shifts at anytime – we will be able to. Please let me know so that the organizers are prepared.

Thanks for signing up and I hope this fundraiser is beneficial for everyone!

The entertainment books sale ends Friday! Make sure you turn in your orders! Please return any unsold books to choir room by Monday. Do NOT just leave the book in the choir room – ask Mr. Krier is you can put it in the back room and make sure you put your name on the envelope. Failure to include your name could result in your being charged for the book. I am working on setting up a day or 2 to come to the school at lunch to collect the books in the choir room if you would prefer to turn those in then. I will let you know what days I will be there. If you have zero hour, I am at least dropping my student off every morning and can make myself available before it starts, just let me know.

As soon as we have collected all the orders and remaining books, I will order the additional books we need. I am hoping to have those in my mid October at the latest.


As part of the fundraising efforts, we will be having a silent auction as part of the Madrigal dinner. We are asking every family to donate an item for the auction. Whether you are able to create something, or are able to get a business to donate an item – every little bit helps.


Offer Your Labor. – You can create a flyer and spend your weekends doing things like washing windows, pulling weeds, mowing lawns – even painting. Depending on what you are offering to do – you can charge up to $50 for a few hours of labor.  Targeting families with busy lives and older couples is a great way to get customers.

Babysitting – Draw up a flyer advertising your babysitting services! (Always take safety precautions and meet the person you are babysitting for a head of time and make sure your parents ALWAYS know who you are babysitting for!)

Host a Garage Sales/Bake Sale – Everyone has unused items around their house – games, bikes, clothes, books… and they always say… “one man's junk is another man’s treasure.” This can net you quite a bit of extra money for very little work. You can approach this in a number of ways:

1.       You can use just the junk you were going to take to Goodwill or the dump. Set out signs and set up in your driveway. You can also sell bottled water/ baked goods while you are at it – Garage Sale-ing is thirsty work!

2.       You can “host” a sale on your drive-way. Offer to put your neighbors’ items out with yours. You can negotiate to keep a percentage of the proceeds earned from the sale of their goods (you will need good organizational skills and help to keep track of who earns what – using a color coded pricing system is one suggestion).

3.       You can ask your neighbors/family for a donation of items to include in your garage sale.


The key to making these individual fundraisers successful is to advertise why you are doing this.

Include something in your flyer that you are a student at EHS and a member of the __________Choir. Include what you are raising money for… “We are traveling to New York over our Spring Break and will have the opportunity to perform in amazing venues like….________________. This is a once in a life time opportunity…” (You can even use language similar to that in your ad sales brochure!)

You will be surprise to find that people appreciate young people who show initiative in helping pay for school events.

Tracy Alter

Fundraising Chair