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Showfest Coming Soon!

posted Mar 19, 2009, 3:32 PM by Roger Campbell   [ updated Mar 20, 2009, 11:13 AM ]
Well, we have one week of rehearsals left after Spring Break and we have arrived at Showfest.   Showfest week is a crazy week, so I wanted to let you know about all the rehearsals in more detail.
LADIES (When it says 5:00 warmup, this means, hair and makeup are done at 5:00 pm, so we can warmup).
Be prepared to do at least one run through each night with costumes.  GR girls, we will not wear the yellow dresses until Wednesday and Thursday, but bring your green choir shirt and shorts for Tuesday and Monday for your first costume.
Monday, March 30:  GR - after school to 5:30, 24 Carat - warmup at 5:00 and rehearsal to 7:30
Tuesday, March 31: 24 Carat - after school to 5:30, GR - warmup at 5:00 and rehearsal to 7:30 (SBA TESTING)
Wednesday, April 1:  24 Carat - after school to 5:30, GR - warmup at 5:00 and rehearsal to 7:30 (SBA TESTING)
Thursday, April 2:  Both Choirs report after school to get ready for our final dress rehearsals.  We should finish rehearsing and loading all sets by 6:00 pm
FRIDAY, April 3: GR Boys report to Kiva at 6:30am to unload sets
                         24 Carat girls report at 7:00am to Kiva on main floor we have a ballroom in which we will get ready in. 
                         GR Girls report to Kiva ballroom at 8:30am, to drop off stuff.
24 Carat 9:30 am
Prelims: Gold Rush 2:20 pm
Finals start at 7:30 pm
Awards are at 9:40 pm
Please tell all your friends and family to come, it is going to be a great performance.
DRINKS, SNACKS AND FOOD will be provided for the students that day by the boosters.    PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR COSTUME AND HAVE THEM cleaned before showfest week according to the directions on your costume or what our moms told you to do.  TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.  Stay healthy.