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Solo and Ensemble on Saturday

posted Oct 15, 2008, 7:56 AM by Roger Campbell
This will be held at La Cueva High School on October 18th.  Dress up formal, like Café Italia.  Students should arrive a half hour early before their singing time and then then can leave after they perform.  Students also need the original copy of their music for the judge for both events.  In the case of students with voice teachers, those teachers would have to supply the book if Mr. Krier doesn't have it.  If students received their song from Mr. Krier, he will have the book for them that day.  They just need to double check to make sure the measures of their music are numbered.

Mrs. Karen

9:49- Laura Boitano
10:00- Kedra Davis
10:07- Ryannon Padilla
10:14- Alyssa Metzger
10:21- Kasie Filmer
10:28- Arielle Slone
10:35- Ian O’Brien – Ms. Freeman
10:42- Austin O’Brien – Ms. Freeman
11:00- Ellie March
11:07- Sarah Lovato
11:14- Emily Meek
11:21-Jamie Krueger
11:28- Becky Crowder
11:35- Jessica Hamblin

1:00- Kim Metz
1:07- Abigail Healy
1:14- Kaitlin Lovato
1:21- Andee Schray
1:28- Kira Harrison
1:35- Maureen Campbell
1:42- Haley Steider
1:49-Jennifer Draelos
2:00- Jordan Alter
2:07-Lynda Vargas
2:14- Rachel Breidenbach
2:21- Shelby Trujillo
2:28- Kristy Gallegos

Mr. Bratcher

Room- Carlow
10:42- Amanda Ortiz
10:49- Andrew Kulaga
11:00- Robert Cadena
11:07- Eddie Gessner
11:14- Aiden Graham
11:21- Zach Logan
11:28- Grant Britt
11:35- Jesse Aminian
11:42- Katie Kesler
11:49- Clint Milhollin

Room- Foster
1:07- Nina Hickman
1:14- Tyler Crawley
1:21- Eric Amdahl
1:28- Stephen Praus
1:35- Nathan Mayes
1:42- Daniel Mayes
1:49- Philip Helge